My Year of Positive Thinking

Okay, I’m finally getting to my year of positive thinking. Basically all I’m doing is taking every negative thought and changing it to a positive. It’s hard to do. It takes enormous discipline b/c it’s kind of fun to be negative. “Oh, can you believe so-and-so did such-and-such?” It’s catty and it’s fun. You have to be constantly vigilant. Even in your own mind. It’s extraordinary how many negative thoughts creep in, unobserved. But believe me (or believe yourself), your body hears them. It absorbs them, and makes them a part of your corpuscles. It will affect your health. It will suck your energy and decay your soul.
So imagine how powerful positive thoughts can be.
Every day I am writing down at least one positive thought, even if it is as mundane as “I will clean my studio today.” But you gotta keep it up otherwise you get slow slippage. The negatives creep in. It’s background chatter at first, then it goes right back to all that nasty noise of “you can’t do it…” and “why even bother…” Just CUT THAT OUT.
Positive thinking, at one point, was considered wimpy. Oh yes it was. It was way cooler to be the black cloud of doom. But I have to say, Obama has made positive oh-yes-we-can thinking cool. And I thank him for that. I like optimism. What could be bad about that?
Oh yes I can. And so can you.

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