Picture Book Writing Challenge | How to Write a Children's Book

How to write a children’s book has nothing to do with dirty floors you say?

Or, more specifically, you think a picture book writing challenge couldn’t possibly have anything to do with The Miracle Mop? Think again!
The other day I argued with my mom about the movie JOY (It’s about Joy Mangano, the woman who invented The Miracle Mop, went on QVC, and made a bazillion dollars.)
My mom’s opinion? Boooo-rring!
My opinion? LOVED it.
I loved it as an entrepreneur because it tells the story of someone who went from no success to huge success.
My friend Julie Hedlund and the membership group she started for picture book writers is called 12×12. Julie started this group from nothing and has had huge success with it, and her members have, too. And tons of them now know how to write a children’s book. Or at least how to write a better children’s book.
Okay, maybe I’m stretching this just a tad, but Joy Mangano had no support from her friends.

With 12×12, learning how to write a children’s book (or keeping up with the drafts you’re already working on) will give you the support you need to succeed to write 12 drafts in 12 months.

12 x12 is a year-long picture book writing challenge where members aim to write 12 complete picture book drafts, one per month throughout the year.
(A draft -> a story with a beginning, middle, and end––NOT a submission-ready piece.) But she also has webinars with biggies in the industry, including writers, editors and agents.
Because it’s something every picture book writer can benefit from, hundreds of writers have joined each year in January and February (the only time you can join) and gone to great success. If you’re interested, this is my affiliate link (and like the Hair Club for Men guy, I’m a member too! Of 12×12. Not the Hair Club for Men.) Check it out by clicking here!

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