2011 Pura Belpré Medal Winner for Narrative

Listen to Betsy Bird’s review of The Dreamer from my very first podcast! Sorry about the audio quality!

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Show Notes 

Author/illustrator Peter Reynolds is the guy who illustrates the hugely popular Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald. He also wrote and illustrated the picture book The Dot as well as one of my favorites, Ish, among others. 

Because why rest when there are things to do, he started the animation company Fablevision with his twin brother, Paul. And that’s not all. The guy is a whirling dervish of creative energy but I was determined to make him stop for 30 minutes when he was on my first show back in May 2010.

Daryl Grabarek, of Curriculum Connections will also be on hand with ideas for teachers on how to extend Peter’s books in the classroom.

I wrapped it up with Betsy Bird’s  review The Dreamer, a biography of poet Pablo Neruda, written by Pam Munoz Ryan and illustrated by Peter Sis which is now the 2011 Pura Belpré Medal Winner for Narrative.

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