Pencils of Promise and Business for Writers 101

If I weren’t a writer entrepreneur I might not be able to afford to donate to charities that are important to me.

Pencils of Promise will receive half of every Video Idiot Boot Camp tuition from Nov 24 through midnight December 6th.

You’ll get $25 off the course, and not only that, but the value of your contribution will be doubled because Pat Flynn, someone I’m grateful for and who has taught me so much, will match everything up to $25,000, so everyone will be helping Pencils of Promise!
Use the code pencils25 when you check out here to get your discount!
I’ll have a free webinar to teach you how you can use video to explode your writing career, on Dec 6th at noon. Sign up here.

Learn to run your writer business
If you want to be your own CEO, run your writer business, and be able to do things like this, on Black Friday I will have a sale for my four weeks of live coaching––it’s basically Business for Writers 101, (aka Crank It Up with Katie). It’s because of my business I’m able to donate to charities that are important to me.
On Black Friday it’ll only be $85 for four weeks––$21.25 for an hour of me teaching you––and Cyber Monday it’ll go up, and then the Early Bird price will be more than that.
5 things I’m grateful for in my business:
1 – My community.
I tell writers all the time about email lists and how they are crucial for growing your business (and it’s kind to your fans). I talk about it on my podcast, in videos, and in my Crank It Up with Katie group, teaching other writers how to do what I do. This year (so far) my list has grown over 260% because of you! For that, I’m thankful.
2 – My family.
My youngest went to college––that may not seem like this should go under something I’m grateful for in my business, but being a writer entrepreneur allowed us to send her to the college she wanted to go to.
3 – My podcast guests, and my supporters in charity fundraising through the show.
My guests are fantastic, fun, interesting, and have helped make Brain Burps About Books the #6 in Video Marketing , #2 podcast in Marketing Books, and #1 in Children’s Publishing in iTunes. No way I could’ve done that without such amazing guests.
I’m grateful for you, the kind podcast reviewers who not only have taken the time to write a review, but did so when I asked, enabling me to donate to a charity that helps destitute families.
4 – Your trust.
So many people asked me to help them in their own writer entrepreneurships, and that’s not only intrinsically gratifying, but makes me happy that all the hard work I do is paying off exponentially. Which leads me to …
5 – Al Gore (or whoever actually invented the Internet)!
Because now I can have a virtual Black Friday sale and be part of the Internet-wide Cyber Monday sale as a way of saying thanks.
For now, go enjoy your family, football, cooking, (hopefully no traffic!) and above all, pie!

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